Is it possible to promote your products and sell on TikTok? 

The answer is YES!

Just ask Carrie Izzo and Kaggan Parker – two stay-at-home moms who, between the two of them, got over 1,400 new customers in 30 days! 

Those numbers are crazy!

Let’s be honest, these results are not normal… but TikTok is not normal. It’s the only social media platform where you can join, have zero (or close to zero) followers, and still go viral. 

Disclaimer: This might not last long or it could go on for a really long time. Either way, why not take advantage of this unique opportunity?

So if you’re as excited about TikTok as we are, and if you’re looking to boost your business and skyrocket your results, this is the training for you!

Selling on TikTok: How Carrie Izzo Got 800+ New Customers in 30 Days

Batching Content 

When Carrie got started on TikTok, she decided to be strategic about it. She would:

  • Spend at least 30 min/day watching videos
  • Save them into her “Saved” section
  • Batch create content every Sunday

That’s right. Every Sunday, she would tell her husband she’ll be gone for the day. Then she would go to her office where she has a closet full of outfits, and she would just start creating TikToks!

This is one of the best aspects of the platform! You can create 10-15 TikToks and upload them throughout the week to spread it out.

Because you’re going to stretch yourself thin if you’re trying to come up with an idea every day. You have to study and plan throughout the week, just like anything else.

Repurposing Content with TikSave 

The good news is, you don’t have to forget Facebook and Instagram, because you never know when the app will disappear or change.

That’s why Carrie uses an app called TikSave. So every time she creates a TikTok, she loads the video to TikSave and removes the watermark.

Then, she’s able to use it for Instagram Reels and/or her Facebook page.

Sticking to Your Niche

Some people play around with their content. Not Carrie. When she did that, she found that her views suffered.

So now she’s sticking to health and wellness.

But she’s not posting the same videos over and over again. For example, she’s making comedy skits about screwing up her diet. The videos are still wellness-based but they’re also hilarious and people relate to them.

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TikTok Trends 

Another cool thing about TikTok is that we think we need to be creative but we really don’t. Because if you just follow other health and wellness accounts, you get ideas and inspiration. Of course, you want to put your own twist to it but it’s not an original idea. So it’s super powerful when you can hop on those TikTok trends.

So go and see what’s working.

You have 15 seconds to grab people’s attention. Study the trends, the sounds, the videos, and incorporate yourself into them.

Carrie says that TikTok is “the toughest platform” she’s ever known. Why? Because it’s really hard to figure out the algorithm.

That’s why it’s important to stay consistent. One of your videos will go viral eventually!

Going Live

You have to have 1,000 followers to have the option of going Live. And for Carrie, getting to those 1,000 followers was such a slow crawl.

She was putting out videos but nothing was happening.

So she decided to do a giveaway of one of her products. She created a video instructing people to “follow and comment what flavor you would like to try.”

And then boom! Overnight, she went from 700 follows to about 7,000!

PRO Tip: Give people something to do, such as “Like/Follow/Heart.” You have to tell them what to do, otherwise, they’re not going to do it.

When Carrie was over the 1,000 followers threshold, it took her almost 4 months to go Live. And she was so nervous about it.

But once she was Live, she just started talking about her products like she normally would.

Soon she found out that people are constantly hopping on and off. So she started repeating the same things again and again. That made her Lives go by quickly.

But what pushed the needle for Carrie was when she went over the 1-hour mark. Because when you go past an hour, you’re more likely to get pushed out to the For You page.

That’s when her TikTok went crazy! She started getting messages and orders like never before.

Within 4 hours, she had 65 new orders, and one of her videos got over 800,000 views! That’s the power of Live video!

So Carrie started going Live twice a day, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. And she brought in more customers than in her two years on Facebook combined.

Handling Comments

Right off the gate, you want to turn on your comments filters. Because you’re going to find a lot of haters on TikTok. So what can you do?

Once you’re Live, you can simply click on the mean comment someone left and it will bring up their name. The app gives you the option to “mute” or “block” – it’s better to directly block them.

After some time, Carrie’s Lives got so big that she had to hire a moderator to help her manage the comments. And that girl is on every Live with Carrie, and she helps her answer questions and block/mute people.

Disclaimer: If enough people report your video, you can get shadowbanned, meaning that only your followers will be seeing your content. That’s exactly what happened to Carrie but the good thing is, it doesn’t last forever and she’s still getting in new sales. That’s why it’s so important to send your leads to your other platforms.

Capturing Leads 

In two months, Carrie got over 1,200 new customers. And now she has their information and phone numbers.

So what she does is once a week, she takes all of that data and plugs it into a text messaging system, and connects with those people.

Carrie has made it her focus to bring her leads into Facebook and Instagram.

That’s why whenever she goes Live, the first thing she says is,“Hey guys, I have this free resource in a customer group. It’s over on Facebook, so go to connect with me over there.”

Because here’s the deal. We don’t know how long TikTok will be working, so it’s better to rely on more stable platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Of course, when you’re doing thousands of dollars in sales in an hour or two, it’s hard to deny the power of TikTok.

Selling on TikTok: How Kaggan Parker Got 500+ New Customers in 30 Days

Getting Started 

Wondering what to talk about and what kind of videos to create on TikTok?

When Kaggan decided to explore TikTok, she asked herself:

  • “Who do I enjoy following?”
  • “What kind of content are they creating?”
  • “How can I incorporate those elements into my own videos?”

This works because it’s simply taking content that you already like and applying it to yourself, to your family, and to your product/service.

That’s how she quickly became the “the girl with shorty shorts that always had the black spoon in her hand”. And that carried over everything else.

Figuring Out the TikTok Content 

You know what the best part is? Figuring out TikTok doesn’t take that much time. Once you just say, “You know what? I’m just going to commit to it,” and you just start doing it, you get the hang of it pretty quickly.

There are so many options out there! You can:

  • Provide value and tips
  • Dance
  • Lip sync
  • Do duets with other people’s videos

Ninja Tip: Engage with other people’s content. We’ve seen comments on viral videos go viral!

Afraid of looking stupid?

Nobody wants to look like a fool or to be made on of… But that’s just the deal with social media. You have to put yourself out there and be okay with failure and with embarrassing yourself.

The good news is most of your Facebook followers don’t know you’re fumbling and bumbling on some other platform. So you’ll be figuring it out in front of complete strangers. That’s exactly what Kaggan did!

Going Live

When Kaggan figured out what type of content she could post on TikTok, she became a little more promotional. That’s when she started seeing real results!

She made a commitment to show up consistently and it paid off.

Once a couple of her videos got 100,000 views, she decided to start going Live once a day, every day at 10 AM CST (except for Saturday or Sunday, depending on her schedule).

And what would she do during her Lives?

She would literally just sit with her products in front of her and talk about them.

Another strategy Kaggan employs is to talk about her routine, her skincare, the coffee that she drinks, etc.

Her Lives typically go on for about an hour. But people are constantly changing, so she would get the same questions and talk about the same things. So Lives go by really fast and in the end, on average, Kaggan would have had an audience of around 5,000 people!

And here’s the kicker. Those are people she does NOT know! How cool is that?

Hint: TikTok Lives do not get saved. So even if you mess up, no one will ever know but the people who were on.

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Capturing Leads 

When it comes to capturing leads, Kaggan is taking all her people back to Instagram. Because if you’ve ever messed around with the TikTok messenger, then you know that their messaging platform is the worst of all.

Of course, Kaggan doesn’t want to capture every lead. She wants to attract people who are similar to her and who are going to enjoy and appreciate her content.

Once those leads become customers, they get Kaggan’s phone number and that’s how they communicate.

Kaggan does her coaching privately but she also creates Customer Accountability Chats where people can communicate with each other off TikTok, Instagram, or Facebook.

What’s more, Kaggan has two Google Forms in her Milkshake link. They’re for:

  • Customer Service – if prospects don’t know what product to buy, they can fill out the form and Kaggan will help them pick their product system.
  • Business Partners – if prospects want to join her business, they fill out this form. That’s how she got 8 new partners off TikTok in 30 days!

Building Your Brand 

If you’re not on TikTok yet, whatever your excuse is, it’s not good enough.

Being on TikTok showed Kaggan the value of knowing your niche and it helped her figure out what her brand is!

After spending 4 years in the business and thousands of dollars in personal coaches, masterminds, and trainings, what helped Kaggan the most was putting herself out there and testing things out. Literally, within a week of being on TikTok, she had answers to all of her questions and she’s having the best time of her life!

Repurposing Content 

Another cool thing about TikTok is that other platforms are copying the short-form video model, so you can repurpose your content for Instagram, Facebook, even YouTube!

That’s exactly what Kaggan is doing. She’s repurposing everything for Instagram and her brand new account got 1,400 followers in a week because of TikTok.

So, it’s crazy how fast you can grow and how that growth trickles over into every single one of your platforms!

PRO Tip: If someone wants to buy your product, they can just follow you on Facebook or Instagram. But if they want to partner with you, that’s a different conversation and in our opinion, they need a Facebook account. Otherwise, it’s harder to support such people. Not impossible, of course, but harder.

So this was how these two stay-at-home moms managed to acquire 1,400 new customers in 30 days! Which tip did you like best? Let us know in the comments below! And if you found value in this training, share it with your teammates! 

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