Intelligent Promotional Tools

At first, product selling parties invite friends and family to the event. Inviting them over a party provides a breakthrough in sales but for how long? Somehow the consultants have to find new prospects outside the circle. Intelligent promotional tools help to get past this stage.

With promotional tools, the consultants can find new marketing channels and make new leads. This method is effective to form new relationships by sending the ad banners online. With an attractive look n’ feel, more guests will accept the invitation to join the party.

Host Party Management

Like the party admin, the consultants have to manage their party events efficiently. Consultants have to check for available dates, decide what products to sell, the best strategy with high conversion rates, join combo sales parties with other guests, and much more.

The preliminary concern of a consultant is the invitation to guest acceptance conversion. By adding their social media profiles, the system helps to analyze a basic behavioral pattern of invitees.

Using the insights driven from the system, consultants can share a personalized note or even a personalized banner that triggers their interests. Positive strategy to improve the chances of high conversion with a personalized touch.

Analytical tools available in our advanced version will improve the potential of consultants. These tools benefit both companies and consultants to maintain a long-term relationship.

Benefits offered for you:

Party search tools one of the most advanced tools to perform multiple tasks

Consultants can easily search nearby parties to fix an available date

Party calendar to pre-schedule a party date based on the availability

Quick invite & send option to invite new customers to party sale events

Business contacts to save the guest data, useful to invite them for new parties with special offers

Genealogy & Network Explorer

It’s important to analyze the downline members alongside offline business strategies. Solo performance might help consultants to gain more personal sales volume. But, to gain commissions from the downline members, the sponsor needs to check the downline performance regularly.

Suppose consultant A hosts a party and one of the guests’ who attended the party conveys his desire to become a host. He then becomes consultant B and hosts his own party. Later on, A hosts another party and a new guest who attended the party becomes a potential consultant. Let her be consultant C, who then hosts her party and makes good sales.

Now, the genealogy tree looks like

The group consists of A and his customers, known as a single generation. Similarly, B and his customers, C and her customers are separate generations. Consultant A gets commissions, not from his generation but also a percentage from the below generations. Thus it’s important to track the sponsored consultants to gain more profit.

Genealogy tree

Genealogy tree helps consultants to view all the downline members including his/her customers, consultants, and their customers.

Network explorer is an alternate view for genealogy tree with similar team overview but with a conventional structure

Auto-curated Finance Tools

The financial status of a business needs to be stable and curated well to assure constant growth. Fund management tools ensure soothe running and error-free calculations to enable precise transactions, fund transfers, etc.

The automated finance tools detect an anomaly, least selling areas, revenue overflow, etc.

Both party admin and consultants can access these tools to analyze the financial structure easily. They can analyze the data from the system generated reports and insights. Make Financial adjustments by checking various parameters, and thereby ensure stability.

Benefits offered for you:
  • Consultants can set financial goals based on intelligent insights
  • Multi-wallets are available to maintain a financial flow
  • Manage investments or business share using ROI tools (if any)
Support Ticket System

Consultants can submit support tickets in case of any necessary support. Consultants can track the status of the support ticket and send thank you notes if resolved.

View support ticket history anytime, anywhere.

Internal Messaging System

Let customers talk to you and then solve their issues using an internal messaging system(IMS). Consultants can also use the IMS feature to chat with the party admin if necessary.

Benefits offered for you:

Establish proper communication with the customers

Interact with customers to maintain proper communication to build a trust

A fruitful relationship with customers benefits for future party sale launches

Customer feel trusted when they get the opportunity to share their product issues with consultants

Chatbots are available to automate support for 24/7, 365 days by overcoming the human limitations

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