Quick story:

I had a guy in my group years ago… he was very good on stage, an amazing closer, great at getting new people started and worked like a maniac.

This guy was a machine and he ended up hitting a pretty high rank in the company.

The challenge was, it was like he was on a treadmill…

People in his group would hit a certain rank… plateau and then start to fizzle out. But since he was so good at personal production, he could replace them. Only to see the next up and coming leader fizzle out as well.

The problem was pretty obvious…

When he was on stage, it was all about him. All about how much money HE made… All about the fancy car HE drove… all about how great of a leader HE was.

Believe it or not, he actually talked about himself in third person to edify himself. LOL

If anyone didn’t follow his system to the tee, he would chastise them publicly and if you didn’t recognize him on stage when you hit rank, he would disown you.

Unfortunately, he was hugely un-coachable and his ego had the best of him. No surprise, he needed to quit and join the MLM cycle of insanity hopping from deal to deal.

It was sad because he had all the talent in the world required to become a legend… but his ego simply couldn’t allow what is one of the biggest keys for going from being a good leader to a truly great leader.

Make note of this little gem: Good Leader vs Great Leader

Motivational TIP: A good leader inspires people to have confidence in the leader. A great leader inspires people to have confidence in themself. 

He was really good at inspiring confidence in him… the self-edification actually worked to a certain degree. And because he demanded public edification, those not knowing his demands thought he must be God’s gift to Network Marketing.

Because his ego couldn’t stand anyone else getting the glory, he completely sabotaged himself.

Here’s another little quote you’ll want to keep in your mind throughout your networking career – this is a good one, you’ll like it:

Time either promotes you or exposes you.

Eventually, people ended up realizing his ego was bigger than Texas. The resentment built over time caused his leadership to essentially withdraw from him and the sentiment among the producers was that he was an egomaniacal self-centered asshole.

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Matt Morris
Top Network Marketing Speaker and Trainer

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