Once your network marketing or Multi-level marketing business pulls out the bullets and trigger the market then, members enter into the network with its maximum pace. And usually, the newly joined members need to choose a package tagged under “enrollment fee”. These might be Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum and all these packages have its own characteristics and special add-ons. But, if you don’t have enough bucks with you to join the network? Is there any option to make this happen? Is Gift card purchase scheme such an option to explore using a best MLM Software?

Well, Yes there is an option to make new members join the network without any of these enrollment packages. And it is done by other members helps with a new featured which turned out to be a blessing for more compensation opportunity for sponsors. “Gift cards”, those are the wild card entry point of this network marketing game.

So let’s see how this Gift card works. New members can join the network without any fee using these gift cards gifted by the existing members of the particular network. These new members will be placed directly underneath the sponsor node and will not be visible in the Genealogy tree or anywhere in the network structure. Only the sponsor can view these new members and only after a time period of 10 days frame these people will be visible to you. For these 10 days, these members will be available inside the “holding tank” and afterward everyone will be able to see them.

The Gift card is actually a card that has a certain amount of money in it and with this amount, the user can easily join inside. It’s more like a short-term Gift MLM Plan and later on, the whole new bunch of members joined by this member will be directly beneficial to the sponsor. Thus, the network keeps on growing down to deep levels. It also allows a person to earn more using referrals and loyalty prorams by adding new members.

Using a best MLM Software package and with an MLM Plan these all process can be carried out in a new scenario which brings up the team effort to higher levels of income.

Bring in and explore the gift…!

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