Within the halls of the MLM profession lurks a villain…

A monstrous, evil, and hideous murderer of dreams.

This miscreant is the cause of failure for more network marketers than anything else in the world.

Just when you get inspired and motivated, he’ll strike you down out of nowhere and slaughter any chance of success.

No other factor robs you of your dreams more than this killer.

Who am I speaking of?


My ego didn’t allow me to admit it (sometimes even to myself) but fear held me as a prisoner for years.

Because my ego was so strong, I would pretend that fear’s nasty hands weren’t gripping my throat.

I’d hide behind my B.S. excuses…

I’m too young for people to take me seriously

The company website isn’t good enough

My upline isn’t available for 3-way calls

I’m too busy today so I’ll make calls another time

All bullshit stories I made up.

The REAL truth was, I was being strangled by fear.

I’m sure you could never relate to this (*said with a coy grin*) but just in case you can…

What to do when Fear is holding your back?

The first step to recovery is getting over denial.

Until you can admit that fear is choking any chance of you achieving success, you remain a prisoner.

It’s kind of like the AC going out in your house…

You can just ignore it, but it’s never going to be fixed until you get help and call someone to repair it.

As long as you continue to ignore the broken AC, it will remain broken whether you admit it or not.

Just like a broken AC, you have 2 choices with fear:

If you’re ready for help, (unlike calling an AC person) it’s going to require work on your part.

There is no magic wand.

No chant.

No meditation that will rid you of fear.

But there is a mental process that will allow you to continually choose courage over fear.

A process that allows you to expand your comfort zone beyond anything you ever imagined possible for yourself.

A process that transformed my life and the lives of too many millionaires to count.

It’s not a hard process.

In fact, it’s very simple.

But it requires you to do the work on yourself.

Arguably the most important work you’ll ever do.

And work that will allow you to realize the unlimited power that lies inside you right now.

If you’re ready to do the work, go here: https://www.7strategiesbook.com/

Matt Morris
Top Network Marketing Leader and Trainer

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