Without the no, never, and the not me’s we have no demand for our profession. Imagine if everyone was already sponsored. Imagine if everyone saidyes the first time they heard about the business opportunity. Would our companies need us? For what? There would be no reason for us to educate and enroll prospective Customers and Distributors – they’d all be in!

Imagine there were no watchdogs, regulators, consumer advocacy groups, no skeptical media looking over our shoulders. Imagine MLM companies doing whatever they wanted and saying whatever they felt like at any time. Imagine where our profession would be.Left to our own devices network marketing, as a profession, would be (to say the least) destructive.

I embrace the adversaries. They spark conversations and create the opportunity, to begin with. Not to mention they hold us accountable to be better versions of ourselves … to take the higher roads.

Our adversaries are loud right now. They are outraged by our propensity to make fraudulent claims, especially around our financial opportunities. They are telling us at this intersection to take the high road – or else. And, yes, they often lie or demonstrate intentional ignorance to prove their case.

However, what road in our heart is the best route?

The low roads are rich with easy pickings. They have short term gains. They appeal to our instant gratification culture. I suppose, to the degree we feel desperate to win, we will instinctively go low. But, to the degree we have a long-range Vision and confidence in ourselves we may go high.

Interesting how our choices lie in our own self-esteem. When we feel weak, scared, dependent, or even angry – we go low. When we feel love, peace, safety, and power we go high.

What is your level of self-love? What is the self-esteem of your company, community, and team? How will you contribute to the futureof our profession by being part of what needs to change? Go low or go high – now is a good time to choose and take action …

One More Thing …

Friends, I recently authored and released a new work, NETWORK MARKETING 2.0: a Manifesto.It has already been put into the hands of dozens of CEOs, CLOs, and Executives from various Direct Selling legacy companies. It’s “a viewpoint on how we can fix our failure rate as a profession, while reinventing our relationship with the public, media, and regulators.

While the message is directed to company owners and management, the conversation it presents benefits all members of the community seeking to build a forever income – sound like you? Even though the Manifesto has been over a year in the making, there is no charge for this eBook. The only investment you need to make is the time it takes to read it. You may not agree with some of the ideas, but I encourage you to soak it in and partner with your company to grow – the authentic way.

Get your complimentary copy of my “NETWORK MARKETING 2.0: a Manifesto” here: richardbrooke.com/manifesto

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