In my morning reading today, I came across this little gem of a quote from Albert Einstein:

“Anyone can be a genius if they pick one specific subject and study it diligently just 15 minutes each day.”

If you’re a reader to my newsletter, chances are you’re serious about becoming a genius in a subject that will allow you to become wealthy – specifically network marketing.

Ol’ Albert was a little vague in the fact that he didn’t say how many days it would take but lemme just ask you…

How many days in a row have you read 15 minutes to become a genius specific to network marketing?

One? Five? Ten?

For most, sadly, the answer is zero. Millions of people fail in network marketing each year for this reason.

They may have big dreams, big goals, even a burning “why that makes them cry”… yet they continue to fail. Just as I did for five long and painful years.

It wasn’t until I got it through my thick skull that if I wanted to make a career out of network marketing, I had to be willing to get the education.

Just as a lawyer has to go to law school, network marketers must go to network marketing school.

The good news is that network marketing school is much easier than law school. Investing 15 minutes a day in learning network marketing is easy to do.

Unfortunately it’s a lot easier not to do.

It simply requires a commitment, and then the discipline to back it up, to simply invest 15 minutes of your day to become a genius.

Do you have it in you to invest 15 minutes a day?

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Do BIG things!

Matt Morris
#1 Best Selling Author of The Unemployed Millionaire

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