There are a million ways to make a million dollars. The question is what do you want to do and what kind of life do you want to have?

More and more people are leveraging the power of Social Media to grow their business. Especially, when it comes to prospecting and inviting, it’s the best way to create a full-time income in network marketing. The way I like to look at it is when I recruit a new person, I’m not just recruiting one person. I’m starting a new team.

So what are the best and more effective ways for prospecting and inviting someone on Social Media? 

Inside this training, you’ll get first-hand knowledge from the best of the best – the marketing genius who started her own business at only 21 and who over the past 8 years has developed a multiple 7-figure empire, Jessica Higdon. 

Join us as we discuss what’s working on social right now and what the most effective strategies for prospecting and inviting are! Let’s get right to it!

Effective Ways for Prospecting and Inviting in Network Marketing with Jessica Higdon

Go for the Low-Hanging Fruit

Right now, people are more open to making extra money, says Jessica. They feel out of control, and taking action towards a specific goal makes them feel in control again.

So start looking for people who have that kind of language or that kind of mindset going forward.

Sit down and think what’s the low-hanging fruit in your business. Ask yourself:

  • Who is that person?
  • What kind of pages would they like and what kind of groups would they be in?
  • Would they follow hashtags? If so, which ones? Use the same hashtags to get your content in front of those people!

And most important of all, how many people per day are you going to reach out to? Having a specific and consistent goal is crucial!

Don’t overcomplicate things. Simple action taken every day over time will create results. So be “addicted” to that action.

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What to Say to People 

Jessica gets this question all the time – what do you say to people? She likes to teach in formulas and she’s been using her First-Message formula for years. People have seen massive results from it (including Jessica herself).

The First-Message Formula goes like this:

  • Start with the prospect’s first name
  • Add an enticing first sentence to grab their attention
  • Tell them WHY you’re reaching out to them
  • Make a connection or show excitement
  • Ask a question at the end to keep the conversation going

For example, you can say/write something like:

  • “Hey, John! Your post kind of shocked me. I’ll be honest, when I saw this, I thought ‘this person is just like me’. I don’t know if you’d be open to this but I’m working on a side project. If it doesn’t interfere with what you’re currently doing, maybe you’d like to take a look?”

Men tend to be more direct in their communication compared to women and Jessica has seen first-hand the amazing results her husband Ray has gotten because of his approach. So if you want to be more direct, be more direct. Either way, always remember to ask your prospect if they want to take a look at your business or not.

Stop overthinking it and just test it out. Reach out to 20 people with a very direct approach. Then, reach out to another 20 people where you have more back and forth and see which approach works better for you!

PRO Tip: If you feel awkward about popping the question, you might be bringing awkward energy into your conversation. So what you can do is:

a) use the audio recorder in Messenger, so the other person can hear the excitement in your voice;
b) address it by saying something like, “I know this is a little bit out of left field/I know this is totally random, but I got to ask you…” and then you ask your question!

If you get obsessed with the activity, you’re going to get the result.

Hit it Hard & Pop the Question 

Stop overanalyzing it and have fun with it! Because who cares? You’re probably never going to meet that person in real life unless they join your business. And if you want to hit it hard and get results fast, reach out to 30 to 50 a day. Facebook has put restrictions now but you can go around them by connecting with people on other platforms. And remember to always pop the question.

Jessica went for six months with 0 sign-ups. She was hitting 30 to 50 people every single day but she still had no results. Then she realized she wasn’t asking the question!

So she made a switch and went back to all those people from the previous 6 months to ask them her question. Magically, all of a sudden, she started getting signups!

It’s really not a complicated business, and it’s not an easy business either. But it’s so worth it!

PRO Tip: When you reach out to so many people, even if everyone says no, you’ll get a thicker skin and you will turn this activity into a routine.

The Closing Conversation

Jessica thinks that people get scared of the close because they think it has to be aggressive.

But actually, it’s very nonaggressive. And if you’ve done the set-up right, it’s very natural. Her favorite line is:

  • “Hey, this is what I use all the time. Based on what you’ve shared with me, you may want to take a look at what I do. I can send you some information if you’d like. If not, no big deal.”

Then, Jessica would set up a specific time when they could watch the information. For example, “I have a 3:15 or a 5:00 pm”. Why? Because:

a) that makes her seem busy
b) people want to do business with busy people
c) it commits them to a certain timeframe and they’ll be more likely to follow-through

PRO Tip: Jessica likes to get people on the phone. If somebody’s serious, they want to know that you are too, and so they’re going to want to talk to you. They’re looking at you as a mentor, as a business partner. So just tell them something along the lines of:

  • “Hey, what’s your phone number? I’ll send you the information. And here’s mine, so you know who’s calling or texting you.”

That way, their guard is down. Again, if this gets awkward, just call it out. Say something like:

  • “I promise I’m not going to do something crazy with it like call you 10 times a day. I just want to make sure that I know I can send you the information properly and that we can have a conversation.”

Just be straight up with people, and they’ll so appreciate it.

Bonus: the Importance of a Personal Brand 

According to Jessica, a Personal Brand is everything these days.

However, you don’t need a personal brand to recruit. There are 8-figure leaders who still cold call. But Jessica was working on her brand very early on because she wanted to make the process easier. The results might not come tomorrow or next month but 5 or 10 years down the line.

So you don’t need a brand but your long-term goal in this day and age should absolutely be to have some type of community that knows you, likes you and trusts you. Why? Because wherever you go, whatever you do, and whatever your goals are, you have the ability to reach out to that community and let them know what you’re up to. And you have pretty much a solid income for life.

These were Jessica Higdon’s most effective ways for prospecting and inviting on Social Media! Which one did you find most useful? And which nugget will you implement first? Let us know in the comments below! And if you found value in this training, share it with your teammates!

Let’s do this!

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Effective Ways for Prospecting and Inviting in Network Marketing with Jessica Higdon

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