Think about it. 


Willing ourselves to do work we don’t want to do. 


Notice how we language it:


     –  The “price” we have to pay

     –  The “pain” for the gain

     –  The “struggle” … necessary for the character it brings

     –  The “work”… a four-letter word


And then discipline to get through it all. 


No wonder we cave. It’s all a setup for failure, to give up. 
The secret to accelerating our momentum is to fall in love with the process. We do this by changing how we language it and creating “micro visions” of us doing work we love … because it is WHO WE ARE.


Creating new visions of us becoming the person who does the work because it is who we are … it is our new identity. It is who we are and what we love.


We can change any perspective with the art of vision and self-motivation.   


Paint the picture, capturing the positive emotions we crave, then visualize them over and over and over again. This is how we change.


What if, instead of having to “pay the price” and “do it anyway,” our daily work was our gift to the world? 


What if we not only loved doing it, but we were compelled to do it … it was our calling?


What if we fell in love with the process?


Let’s say your big single daily action to achieve your goals is to eat fresh and move physically to exhaustion every day.  


Write a vision of you BEING that person … not the grind of it, but the grace of it. 


Focus on what you are doing, why you are doing it, what great pleasure it brings you, and how it honors you and your family. Create a mini-movie of it with your favorite inspirational music. Watch it as many times a day as you can, but at least first thing in the morning and last thing at night. 


Do it for 30 days. I promise … you will change.  


Your preferences will change. Your attitudes will change. You will learn to become the person who loves the work.


You will soon do it naturally and effortlessly, with joy and consistency. You will learn to crave it. Imagine that.


Motivated people do not need discipline. They do not need to be committed. They do what must be done for the joy the process brings them. It is WHO THEY ARE.

The work is worth it,


P.S. My blogs are, for me, a conversation. I rant for a bit and then … if so inspired, you respond. Your comments close the loop of conversation. They let me know I was heard. They let me know I contributed something … or not. I encourage you to close the loop … or open a new one and say something.


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