Are you a regular YouTube viewer who subscribes many channels and stream on for the whole time? And do you know that there is possibly the best way to earn money out of these video streaming without much investment? The current scenario of YouTube monetizing comes with certain criteria’s to fulfill even before entering into a state of applying as a partner. So, earning for what you share or contribute is out of the question and as the best option “Flixxo” has emerged out of the blue and well, it offers the best ICO campaign. Let’s see how the system works and how far it can make you work!

“Flixxo” is a decentralized platform for watching and sharing video content and make use of it in a financial manner. Here, Flixxo is recognized as a new decentralized cryptocurrency and “Flixx” as the Flixxo tokens. First, creating an account and then viewing and sharing the video gives in Flixx tokens. Well, for watching the video credit points are needed and these points can be earned by watching ad’s provided by the video uploader. There are two options available with the system, one that focuses on sharing the video through viewers and the other who uploads the video & then make use of it with the network he/she creates.

One can thus easily upload and download the video that is viewed and then the main challenge will be the Bandwidth & storage offered by the video applications. But the challenge has been passed over with the help of its BitTorrent protocol that is used for the video sharing and other options. For every contribution in terms of BW & space, the reward will be gained in terms of Flixx tokens.

Flixxo process
(Flixxo process)

This is more like an online library with a different marketing strategy that makes a content producer happy. Trading is another option for gaining more Flixxo and make maximum “loot” out of it. For eg: 1 ETH = 4000 Flixx coins, other cryptocurrencies can also be traded and it’s worth a try. This particular system is available with desktop and working under the space of browsers. The current trend is to ‘like’ and share any sort of content regardless of whether it is of better quality or of low-quality content. And yes, videos are the dominant leaders but costs high but now with Flixxo engage the network by earning back with a contribution. These ICO campaigns can be added up in your direct-selling business as a marketing strategy that offers guaranteed returns and enlarges your network by organizing things with an MLM Software.Upon request, we will integrate such modern and current systems with a dual profitable strategy.

View, contribute, & acquire…!

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