How I survived a coyote attack last night

It was 12:20 pm last night and I decided to go for a walk to clear my head since I couldn’t sleep.

A major rarity for me since I’m normally passed out within minutes of my head hitting the pillow.

It was pitch black out here in the country at my lake house.

The clouds were covering the, normally, bright moon and stars.

I foolishly had gone out without my phone for any light or a sidearm for any protection.

Even more foolish because, just earlier in the day, a friend had warned me about rabid coyotes and how he never went out, even during the day, without his pistol.

This is a walk I’ve made dozens of times…

Just never when it’s this dark and normally nowhere near this late.

As I walked the little county road I knew so well, I couldn’t help but be a little fearful recounting the two words from my friend, Richard, that were ringing in my head…

“Rabid coyotes”

“Damnit Matt, why didn’t you bring a flashlight!?” I thought to myself.

But I pressed on.

Doing my best to push the irrational fear out of my mind. In more than a year, since I’ve owned this property, I’ve never once seen a coyote. Richard lives out in West Texas, I reassured myself .

“Surely, there are no coyotes out here” I told myself.

But step by step, I couldn’t get the thought out of my head…

What if there ARE rabid coyotes out here. I have no light, nothing to protect myself, and if a pack of these rabid coyotes attack me, I can’t even see which direction they would be coming from and they could literally rip me to shreds.

Shut up Matt!

I tried to block it out…

But no less than 30 seconds later, on both sides of the road ahead of me, I started hearing animals moving through the wooded area.

I froze.

As I sat there, half panic stricken, the noise continued.

Imagining a herd of rabid coyotes attacking me, my entire body filled up with a mixture of fear and adrenaline.

I’ll admit, I was fucking terrified.

I clapped three times to try and scare them away.

But the rustling of the leaves and branches just got even louder.

I knew by running away I would have no chance.

My only hope was to invoke fear into the coyotes so they would leave me alone…

I did the only thing my instincts told me to do…

I started yelling like a maniac and running straight ahead.

Almost immediately, through the darkness, you’ll never guess what I saw…

A deer.

And then another one running behind it.


I was terrified and panicked because of a group of cute little deer that were crossing the road.

I laughed out loud as I felt the fear drain from my body.

To give you an idea of these insidious creatures that terrified me, here’s a quick picture of one that’s walking by me as I write this.

Small deer at the lake house

You see, deer are everywhere out here. Never a day goes by that we don’t see herds of deer roaming the land.

My rational mind knew that last night.

But how many times does our irrational fear overtake our rational thinking?

I think back to my irrational fears when it came to prospecting in network marketing… my irrational fears of public speaking… my irrational fears of so many things that made me a prisoner.

What was I afraid was going to happen?

Prisoner of your own Fears: An Hindrance to your Success in Life

I let two little letters strike fear and panic in me for years.


  • Fearing the word “no” cost me years of success
  • Fearing the word “no” held me captive for years.
  • Fearing the word “no” allowed me to live in helplessness for years.

Why You Should Face your Fears with Courage and Discover your Self Strength

When I finally decided to allow my courage to overtake my fear, I stepped into my power.

It allowed me to become the leader I always had inside me.

As I sip the final few swigs of coffee writing this, I have two questions for you…

  1. What are you afraid of?
  2. How much longer are you going to be a prisoner to that fear?

My friend, it’s time to step up.

It’s time to no longer remain captive.

It’s time to step into the immensely powerful leader that I know for a fact lies inside you right now.

I can’t do it for you. I wish I could.

But if you’d like to get the insights, strategies, and ways of thinking that allowed me to not only overcome my fears, but to also crush it in business for the past 20 years in a row, go to the following link NOW and read every word on the page.

I want to see you win in the biggest way. I hope you’ll let me help you.

Lots of love,

Matt Morris
I Help Network Marketers Become Powerful Influencers

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