Just finished a zoom presentation for our team in Africa and thought I’d share a quick tip to increase your sign-up ratio when you’re presenting your business.

This is something that many networkers miss and then wonder why people don’t sign up after the presentation.

You can present all the success stories in the world.

You can be making all the money in the world.

You can have the best products and services in the world.

But none of that matters if your prospect doesn’t see a clear path for themselves to have success.

Keys to Improve your Sales Closing Rate

If you want higher closing ratios, always answer the question, “Can I do it?” for your prospects.

And not just with success stories of other people who have done it. That’s important. Critical even.

But give them an idea of how your system works

You see, 95% of people don’t like to sell. So if your new prospect believes they have to be a talented salesperson in order to have success, they are unlikely to join.

If you have pre-recorded video presentations or live zoom presentations, let them know their job is essentially to be an information tour guide… Simply guide people to the presentation and let the presentation do the selling. Our job is to simply collect decisions.

So while, yes, we definitely sell, we do it in a different way.

The reason my organizations have grown to over 1 million people in my career is NOT because we’ve found 1 million talented salespeople. It’s because we’ve found 1 million people who can follow a system.

System = duplication

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Let’s do BIG things!

Matt Morris
Top Network Marketing Leader

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