They finally opened up the gyms in Dallas.

I’m typically in “the house of pain” 5 days a week and some part of my body is usually sore at all times.

I’ve programmed my brain to be addicted to the process so this quarantine has been a royal pain in the keister.

So yesterday Devon and I headed over to get a workout in and found a sign on the door saying masks and gloves required.

Not my ideal situation. Especially since I was planning on hitting cardio super hard. But since I wanted a workout in, I popped one of their masks on and gloves and I was off to crush my workout.

I posted this to my social media and it apparently triggered some folks and they felt the need to tell me how wrong I am.

Don’t you just love unsolicited advice?

Some even told me how unhealthy it was. Which, when I looked at some of their profiles, they clearly are in no shape to coach me on being healthy.

I even banned one Troll because their comment was just outright nasty. I do find them entertaining but prefer to not have that kind of negative energy in my space.

On to the message I want to share with you today…

It comes from Napoleon Hill’s writings almost 100 years ago.

(For those of you youngsters wanting to make old man jokes, NO I wasn’t alive back then!)

Why You Should Create Positive and Powerful Habits Regardless of the Trolls

Cosmic Habit Force says that your habits become part of your nature by repetition.

You are where you are, and what you are, because of your established habits.

  • If you have negative and weak habits you’ll have a negative and weak life.
  • If you develop positive and powerful habits, you’ll have a positive and powerful life.

I’ve programmed actions like going to the gym, creating content that empowers people to succeed, and my own personal development, as a cosmic habit force in my life.

Just because some troll criticizes me for agreeing to wear the required mask, I will continue on with it.

Just because some people don’t like my style and insult me publicly on social media, I will continue on with it.


Because it’s become part of my nature as a habit.

My friend, what are the habits that have become part of your nature?

If you want a powerful life, create powerful habits.

Reinforce those habits long enough until they become part of your nature.

You have what it takes to succeed on a massive scale. If you’re willing to to simply create the habits that will lead you there. 

Let’s do BIG things together!

Matt Morris
Top Network Marketing Leader

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