Youngevity prevails on outstanding defamation claims

Following on from a settlement reached last November, motions for summary judgment pertaining to outstanding claims have now been ruled on. In summary, Youngevity’s Motion for Summary Judgment was granted. Wakaya Perfection’s Motion for Summary Judgment was denied. The motions pertained to several outstanding defamation related counterclaims. As summarized by […]

Youngevity’s accounting auditor quits over misrepresentations

Youngevity’s long-term financial auditor has quit following concerns over provided financial data. Citing “information that has come to its attention”, the firm Mayer Hoffman McCann has resigned as Youngevity’s accounting. Mayer Hoffman McCann had been signing off on Youngevity’s filed financial reports since 2011. What information Mayer Hoffman McCann have […]

Youngevity sues Bulavita for trademark infringement & more

Youngevity has filed suit against Bulavita for trademark infringement, cybersquatting and unfair competition. Wakaya Perfection changed its name to Bulavita late last year. On the surface Bulavita appears to be a straight continuation of Wakaya Perfection, however incorporation records revealed Terry LaCore is one of Bulavita’s Directors. This suggested Wakaya […]