How to Choose the Right Network Marketing Company for You – Bliss Business

By: Richard Brooke     Today I want to address a question that I receive on what seems to be a weekly basis: “Hey Richard, what Network Marketing company do you think I should join?” A Startup?A trendsetter?A trend follower?The fastest growing?The one that promises to be the biggest?The one that cuts me a deal?The one with the best […]

3 Magical Things You Can Do to Be the Most Potent Trainer on Your Team – Bliss Business

By: Richard Brooke   Is ignorance truly bliss?   It is when you’re brand new to Network Marketing … when you’re blindly on fire for the opportunity.  Let me explain.  The reason 99.9% of distributors lose their fire (if they had it in the first place) is experience.  They know from experience that most people will […]