Swimming Pools into Bubble Baths

“Daddy, Daddy, can we turn the swimming pool into a bubble bath?” my daughters both nearly shout in unison as they run into my office yesterday afternoon with their little grins beaming ear to ear.

In a split second, my inner-dad-conservative-voice shouts to me “That can’t be good for the chlorine levels!”… “The pool filter isn’t meant for that!”

A split second later, my regular inner-dad-fun-voice says to conservative dad “Shut the hell up – let the kids have some fun!

So I look at my daughter’s expectant smiles…

“That sounds AWESOME! Let’s do it – I’ll get my swimsuit on!”

I finish up what I was working on and head to the bedroom to change over.

Apparently, I took too long because when I came out to the pool my daughters had already emptied an entire jug of dishwashing detergent and two huge bottles of dishwashing soap into the pool. (We were out of bubble bath)

“Daddy, there’s no bubbles!” they complain with sad little faces.

“Girls, you gotta stir it up! Jump in!”

So they dive in and start stirring up the water.

Magically, bubbles start to appear out of nowhere!

Granted, it wasn’t the kind of bubble-filled pool (like a bath) we were expecting, but we ended up having a blast.

It got me thinking…

Creating a bubble bath is a lot like creating momentum in network marketing. You gotta know how to stir it up.

If you pour bubble bath into the water, it doesn’t create a ton of bubbles unless you stir it up.

In network marketing, you can add lots of new representatives to your organization, but if you’re not stirring them up, they just sit there. Momentum doesn’t just happen on its own.

Case in point:

At one point in my career, I personally sponsored 90 people and had a total team of only 150 because I didn’t understand how to stir them up to create the duplication and excitement that leads to momentum.

I met my mentor a few months later and he taught me the secrets to stirring things up to create momentum.

Over the next two years, I personally sponsored only about 50 people which led to a team of over 10,000.

Think about that…

Before learning the secrets to duplication:

Sponsoring 90 = team of 150.

After learning the secrets to duplication:

Sponsoring 50 = team of 10,000

Most networkers are like I was before meeting my mentor. They work SO hard and grind it out for SO long with such a small level of duplication and momentum.

There is a better way.

If you’d like to discover the secrets to creating momentum, come join me over the next 7 weeks in my private video coaching program.

If you decide the program is right for you, you’ll learn the secrets that took me from 5 years of grinding it out, to finally creating huge momentum.

And listen, this program is not for the MLM junkie looking for the easy button.

There is no easy button.

What I’ll teach you works… it’s never not worked for me and it’s why I’ve been able to crush it every year for 20 years… but it requires work on your part.

If you’re not disciplined enough to follow simple instructions and a proven system, this won’t work for you.

If you are, however, disciplined and you want to learn how to be a real professional that creates real duplication and momentum, go here and hop into the training

Let’s do BIG things!

Matt Morris
Top Network Marketing Leader and Trainer

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