Over the last 12 months, many businesses and network marketers, in particular, have been experiencing the biggest growth and success in their careers. 

And one thing they have in common?

They’ve all been building their business online, leveraging social media.

That’s right – e-commerce is booming right now.

So what are some of the trends that could really help you capitalize on this year?

Inside this training, we’ll share the most effective Social Media trends shaping 2021! Let’s get right into it!

Top Social Media Trends for 2021

Trend #1: Online Shopping & Online Business

Last year, there were so many people who got the message that if you are indeed looking to create a stable financial foundation for you and your family, you have to have more than one income stream.

So there’s such a huge opportunity at the moment, especially if you do have a product or a service. Why? Because you can now target specific people and create your content for that demographic.

And you can literally have customers all over the world. Prior to us using the interwebs, all of our customers were local.

This is huge!

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Trend #2: Short-From Video Content

What is short-form video content?

The big trend last year was Stories. 

The truth is, even we are surprised by how viral this form of content creation is! Right now, it’s hard to even acknowledge a platform that is not doing Stories – Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, even Twitter!

Another version of this type of video content is TikTok and it’s definitely here to stay. The numbers we’re seeing are crazy – watch time for users, number of followers, likes – they’re all blowing up!

Instagram is also stepping up their game with the introduction of Instagram Reels.

So you can have the beautiful strategy of double-tasking. For example, you can create 1 TikTok video and then repurpose it for Facebook and Instagram Stories and Reels.

Trend #3: Post for Conversation, Not Reaction

Now we do want a reaction, but what we really, really want is a conversation.

All of these social media platforms want is a good conversation. They actually want people to build relationships and to authentically connect.

That’s why it’s really important when you’re doing any form of content to ask questions.

For example, ask people to smash the heart button if they liked the content. You want to get people to engage with you and you want them to comment. In other words,  you want to get people to follow whatever call to action you ask of them.

Don’t just clickbait or be needy. You don’t want shallow comments and likes.

So just think strategically about how you can create a conversation around this topic that people would want to engage with. Then connect with those who liked and commented on your posts!

Trend #4: Virtual Events 

Have you participated in a virtual event in the last 12 months?

We all have. After all, 2020 was only January, February, quarantine, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and then 2021.

So if you’re looking to build depth in your relationships, whether it’s your customers, whether it’s your team, incorporate some kind of virtual events.

social media trends

You can either run them yourself or you can leverage other people’s talents and get good at promoting other people’s virtual events.

Trend #5: Live Podcasting 

Do you love podcasts? As a matter of fact, we launched the My Lifestyle Academy podcast and the experience has been amazing.

But you know what’s even cooler? Live podcasting!

You’ve probably heard of Clubhouse at this point. It’s a live audio experience and it’s definitely different than anything else out there.

So if you’re not video-ready and you don’t have your ring light, you can just go live, only with audio. This form of communicating is again probably here to stay. Why? Because people like the convenience of it.

Trend #6: Relationship Building

Relationship building is a must. Why? Because you can’t take likes, views, and comments to the bank.

The truth is, nobody cares if you have a bunch of followers. This isn’t high school. It doesn’t matter if you’re popular. Popularity doesn’t pay the bills.

Of course, if you build an audience, that’s great. But you have to build relationships on the backend. Have those one-on-one conversations and don’t be afraid.

For example, if we get a new follower, we reach out to them and say something like:

  • “Thanks for the follow.”

There are so many ways to build relationships on the backend: one-on-one conversations, phone conversations, responding to comments, etc.

We’ve enrolled so many people in our business only because they had been following us for weeks, months, or even years. But the timing wasn’t right. And when it was, they reached out. Why? Because we responded to them.

People really appreciate that because a lot of times on the internet, you can almost feel like you’re talking to a robot. So make that human connection.

Trend #7: Go Live or Go Home!

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Are you still a little bit nervous to put yourself out there and go live? The truth is it’s totally normal. It’s called being a human.

But here’s the neat thing. You can go live with other people.

Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Clubhouse. Even now on TikToK, you can now go live and you can bring on a second person with you.

And even if the platform doesn’t allow it, just do it through Zoom or StreamYard. That’s what we love to use because you can go live in five places at once.

What’s more, don’t get so hung up on being judged by other people. It prevents you from seizing so many amazing opportunities.

Think about an incredible thing that has happened to you. It was because of a bold decision. Even for us – if we didn’t go to that first network marketing presentation, we wouldn’t have met. So be open-minded.

And when it comes down to what to talk about, think about what can you share that’s of interest to other people. It could be your story or some interesting tips. For example, if you read a cool book or you watched an informative video, turn around and share that with your people. You don’t have to come up with original content all the time.

Just say something like:

  • “Hey, I read this book. Here was my biggest takeaway.”
  • “We did this meeting tonight and here was the outcome.”
  • “I watched John and Nadya Melton’s Live, and here were my biggest ama-moments.”

So just make that bold decision. That’s where success lives!

social media trends

These are the best and hottest Social Media Trends for 2021. Feel free to play with them and take the time to notice what works for you. You have a responsibility to deliver authentic messages and only you can find the best way to do it!

Do you know any other trends that are rocking the Social Media world right now? Let us know in the comments below! And if you found value in this training, share it with your teammates. Someone might need to know this!

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