Ready to close this month? It doesn’t matter what network marketing company you’re in, we all have an urgency at the end of the month.

The truth is, you could literally double, triple, quadruple, or even 10X your volume at the end of the month. Why? Because there’s urgency. The month is ending. There’s a deadline, a special promotion, or a special offer running.

That’s why in today’s broadcast, I’m going to talk about closing this month strong to help you set a new record.

Disclaimer: Even if you don’t set a new personal record and only make an extra $300 or $1,000, the important thing is to take action and create urgency.

Let’s get into it!

Make Last Month Jealous: Best Ideas to Close This Month Like a Top Earner!

Idea #1: Keep Pushing

I don’t care if it’s unlikely or if it seems unreasonable, I want you to keep pushing. If you had a goal at the beginning of the month to reach $25,000, $50,000, or $100,000, don’t give up! Rally your team together and say:

  • “Guys, listen, we want to be an elite/ambassador/regional vice president/whatever-rank-you-want-to-hit team. We’ve got a goal. By midnight on Wednesday, we want to do X amount of dollars in volume. Let’s do it!”

Now, you might say, “That’s selfish because it’s all about me. And I feel weird trying to get my team to push for a goal that’s mine.” But it’s not just for you. Because aren’t they edifying you? Aren’t they working with you? And if you’re at a higher rank, that’s good for them, too. There’s no “I” in team. I know it’s a cliche, but it’s true.

In network marketing, we’re building a network to market our products or services to. So the more people you help in your team, the more success you’re going to have!

Idea #2: Help Your People Rank Up

This goes hand in hand with Idea #1. You’re not going to let off the gas. In fact, you’re going to keep pushing all the way until the gun goes off.

Comb through your organization. Think about who joined last month and who you can reach out to. And it doesn’t always have to be personal recruits. You could talk to someone 3, 5, 7, 10, even 12 levels removed from you. It doesn’t matter because you want to help everybody.

Ultimately, if you help someone qualify for a bonus/a special fast start/an experience/something where there’s urgency, who cares who gets the credit? You helped someone and you’re going to be rewarded for it sooner or later. So when you find that person in your organization, tell them:

  • “Listen, you joined last month/you joined earlier this month. You have till Wednesday and you need 2 more customers/you need 1 more team member. What can we do about it? Who can we talk to/who can I help you talk to? Do you know anyone who can we hop into a group chat with?”

Idea #3: Product Giveaways

Do some product giveaways. You could also give away gift cards, cash or do rebates. For example, in our company we have a 30% fast-start bonus when a new distributor places their first order. If you have something similar in your company, you could take half of that bonus and give it back to the person if they joined by Wednesday or if they placed their order by a certain date.

Another idea is to enter them into a raffle or a drawing of some sort if they place an order or if they do a referral post (your customers to do a post on your behalf – something with a deadline and urgency).

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Idea #4: Revisit Your Group Chats

This is one of the best reasons to do group chats instead of  three-way calls. Once a three-way calls starts and ends, that’s it. You might not have any more interaction with that person. But group chats are a different story! You can go back through all the chats that you’ve been put into and see if they have any other questions or if they want to get started before the month is over.

Now, let’s say you pop into a chat and they don’t respond. Then change the color or the emoji. It’s a really neat way to get that message to the top of their unread list!

For example, let’s say you had a chat going with someone on Thursday or Friday, but then the message kind of cooled off over the weekend. You could change the color, or you could just pop back in there and say:

  • “Hey, Sam, hope you had a great weekend. Just wanted follow up/touch base/see where your head’s at with everything and if you were ready to get started.”

Idea #5: End-of-the-Month Special Event

How about you do an end-of-the-month Zoom or a webinar? Maybe you do an interview with some of the top sellers, top recruiters or top leaders? Create an event in your ATM group and use it to create urgency.

These are just ideas but all of them will help you close this month like a top earner!

I’m telling you, the number one thing that I’ve done over the years is to reach out to my people. I reach out to my team and I say, “Listen, what can we do to get you to that next level? What else do you need? How much volume are you short? Who can we talk to?”

Ultimately, if I can help others rank up, I rank up. If I help others win, I win. And even if I help someone rank up, but it doesn’t help me rank up, who cares? I want more people rank advancing and I want more people winning and making money!

Don’t give up. You keep going and you keep pushing, because you just never know. I have seen miracles happen at the end of the month! 

These were my best ideas to close this month like a top earner. Which one did you like most? And which one will you test out? Let me know in the comments below! And if you found value in this training, share it with your team! 

Let’s do this!

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