Are you an Innie or an Outie

No … not your belly button. There is no cheese down that tunnel.  The cheese is in the question … Innie or Outie?

Once upon a time, there were two ambitious kids, Innie a little girl and Outie a little boy. They both had a deep-seated desire to play full out in life, achieve greatness in their chosen fields and contribute to society.

He loved to win all the races and contests. He visualized himself beating everyone else and standing on the stages of the world being proclaimed the greatest

Outie loved the idea of money as well. He wanted to be able to buy anything he wanted, anytime for himself or anyone else. Outie was a winner, a fierce rival and a force to be reckoned with

He often was seen displaying his treasures of accomplishment for all to see lest they ever have the thought he was less than The Greatest to Ever Live

She loved running races, the wind in her hair and the dirt exploding beneath her feet. She loved the challenge of mastering strategies and loved the comradery of playing with people she enjoyed.

Innie loved contests, games, and races for the sheer joyexcitement, and fun … the celebrations for everyone involved.

Innie had a deep gratitude for abundance and also a humility that comes with remembering what it is like to be without. She welcomed and embraced abundance. 

She worked so fluidly and naturally at her chosen path, the abundance often showered her.  She wore it with grace so as to lift up everyone in her presence regardless of their current circumstances.

Outie had a good run. He won often. But not often enough. You see Outie had encountered a few problems he didn’t know he had.

What do you do when you are in a contest you must win? One you have to win … when winning isn’t the most important thing … it is the ONLY thing AND there is another Outie in the race … maybe a bunch of them. 

In order to be able to Win you have to be able to Lose.

Outie didn’t see this coming.  He didn’t know what he didn’t know. He was blind and he got blindsided. Outie expected to win all the races. 

He had that quality of Vision. The challenge was he ran into some Outie types that had an even fiercer vision and Outie LOST. (After all, in races, contests and games doesn’t everyone except the winner to lose?)

And the losing was more devastating to him than the winning was elevating for him. Why … because he didn’t expect to lose, it was devastating to him. 

And winning, well the first few times it was a thrill but after that … nobody seemed to notice or care. And now Outie got to experience what it was like for all his colleagues when he “beat” them. Yes, they felt like they had been beaten … to a pulp. Outie didn’t like feeling like a pulp.

He was not in charge of when the races were held, the games commenced or when the contests were announced.  What was Outie to do when there were no competitions? He was lost and just waited.

Lastly the greatest irony … although the game Outie was playing was to win, what got him, in the end, was the discovery that he was surrounded by idiots, losers that could not even design a contest.

As Outie mastered the “Art of Winning” he began to grow intolerant of the incompetent people that designed the contests and games.

Often, they were not fair or rewarded the wrong behavior. They weren’t grand enough or celebrated enough.

Sometimes they were not even staged at the right time or locations. He grew depressed, resentful and angry

Innie, on the other hand, moved through life and her accomplishments with grace and gratitude

She found great satisfaction in the intrinsic values of her work, contribution, fun, adventure, learning, creativity, friendship, and love. She loved the game for the sake of the game and it was that love that inspired her to do her best work, to display courage in the face of despair.

It was that “love of the processes” that spawned her greatest creative genius.

Innie found that playing full out with others that shared her philosophy was actually an extra high. They championed and celebrated each other’s breakthroughs, and frolicked in the fun of it all. 

So, the more of them there were the better.

Due to the fact they could create greatness in any moment at any time on any given day, they found they accomplished far more than their “competitors” every day. Quantum leaps more.

Innie, and the Tribe of Innies with which she played, lived and loved a healthy long life.

Are you self-motivated … from within, from experiencing and expressing your own values and is one of those values your own value?

Self-motivated people value themselves. If not a gift from their parents they at least see it as a spiritual gift

They see and feel their uniqueness, their power of lovegratitude, and grace. They have lots of things to do, to have and to be but nothing to prove.

Or are you externally motivated? Engaging with the next contest, the next advancement level, the next impending recognition, the next shiny thing you can display if only to heal a hole in your heart.

Most of us are blindly unaware of which one of us is driving the bus.

The beautiful thing about being human is we get to discover where we are on our own path of evolution, of spiritual awakening. We get to do whatever we want to about it. 

Either gear up to win more races and crush more of your competitors OR … do some work on your core values, your gifts and what might be the theme song of your life

Ask yourself what makes you tick … what makes you run and run your hardest? 

I believe in you,

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