I never planned on launching my own shoe, to be honest but when I saw the disgusting shoes being launched by Lil Nas X that literally contain
an actual drop of human blood in each pair, I knew not only that I could do better but that the world deserved better.

The “Higdon Heavens” have been a work of love for the last 4 days and I am so proud of my team and our initiative to lift the “souls” of people all over the world, one pair of feet at a time.

What’s Different About “Higdon Heavens”?

1. Bluetooth Emotion Sensoring.

Ever have a bad day and just wish your boyfriend or husband would rub your feet? You’ll never have to wish for that again as the Higdon Heavens sense when you have had a rough day and will initiate tiny massaging pulses to rub your blues away.

2. Inspirational Audio Messages.

These can be preset based on performance and for an additional $49 a month you can access the entire library but the base model comes equipped with 3 powerful messages psychologically designed to uplift your spirit. You can even preview the messages below

3. Lil’ bit O’ Ray.

I thought to myself, how do I make these shoes more personal while also creating a powerful message, and then it hit me, well, I happened to be jogging on the treadmill when it hit me, my own sweat! Each pair of shoes will be shipped containing one drop of my own sweat.

This way you KNOW I care about these shoes and our mission and am NOT just in it for the buck.

The sweat containment unit located on the ball of the foot is hermetically sealed to prevent leaks or contamination and each drop of sweat has been independently tested negative for COVID.

So there you have it!

We are limiting these to 40 people and drop me a comment if you are excited to start rocking these around YOUR neighborhood! And oh, by the way, Happy April Fools!

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