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The 35 Best MLM Bloggers To Watch Dominate Network Marketing Blogging

Over 12,000 Blogs are created every day. If you blog as a network marketer, you have a huge advantage over other top MLM distributors. But not all MLM bloggers reach levels of success, most quit along the way. Here’s 33 of the 2021 top MLM Bloggers to Watch Dominate Network Marketing in 2020 and 2021.

33 Top MLM Blogs – Best Network Marketing Bloggers

1. Julie and Pauli Kalungi of 

Julie and Pauli Kalungi are master coaches and mentors for home-based business owners. Julie practiced Law in Uganda and Pauli was getting his PhD in Civil Engineering when they discovered network marketing. Now these top MLM bloggers dominate the MLM Blogosphere with their unique training and products.

2. Brian and Felicia White of

Brian and Felicia were laid off within nine months of each other and had to act fast. They struggled tremendously in the beginning and Felicia lost 3 close loved ones within 6 months, including a murdered best friend. They discovered network marketing and finally found their stride in producing the 365 day blogging challenge.

3. Ron Deering of

Ron Deering helps network marketers get more leads and more reps. He is an avid MLM blogger who writes about cutting-edge techniques using new social media platforms, like Periscope and Instagram.

4. Steve Krivda of

Steve Krivda is a top network marketer and karate instructor who lives in Naples, Florida. He discovered network marketing seven years ago and now teaches people how to start their own home based business.

5. Angel Balichowski of

Angel is a mompreneur turned network marketer. She is a mother of two and travels the world while showing people the real value of Direct Sales. Her blog offers webinars, Instagrams and great advice to other mothers.

6. Steve Hawk of

Steve Hawk is “the Unstoppable Entrepreneur.” He used to commute four hours a day in NYC to and from his sales job. Steve saw that he was on the road more than spending time with his children and made a switch. He discovered network marketing and then attraction marketing and combined both to make an awesome online brand.

7. Jennifer Fong of

Jennifer Fong is a veteran network marketer and multi-level marketing trainer. She has provided corporate consulting to several direct selling companies, including Amway, Arbonne and Mannatech. She is also a sought after speaker and has developed her own direct selling company.

8. Katrina Van Oudheusden of

I personally like Chef Katrina’s story because I had been in the restaurant business myself for 20 years before I found network marketing. Chef Katrina joined network marketing seven years ago and burned through her friends and family fast and then her business died. She then learned attraction marketing from the top trainers. Now, she is dominating network marketing with her blog.

9. Kay Somji of

Kay is a top MLM blogger from England and comes from a family of self-employed Entrepreneurs. He joined network marketing and burned through his warm list and found himself struggling. He discovered Magnetic Sponsoring and his business took off. He enjoys playing drums and tennis. Hmmm. Sounds like me!

10. Michael Sean McDonald of

Being a husband and father of three, Michael had to find something which enabled his wife, Amy, to stay home with the kids rather than shipping them off to daycare. He discovered network marketing and Amy got her wish of staying home.

11. Nathan Argenta of

Nathan is a network marketing, SEO expert powerhouse. In his words, he went from “Loser to Lead Machine, from Coach to Closer, and finally Founder & CEO to Servant.” His backwards path to success now has him travelling the world and dominating Ping Pong and meeting Ray Higdon.

12. Pierre Charles of

Pierre struggled with chasing friends in the beginning of his network marketing career and lost a lot of money in buying into Lead systems that didn’t work. He eventually learned about attraction marketing and developed a powerful blog.

13. Gomer Magtibay of

Gomer is a home-based Entrepreneur based in the Philippines. As a young boy, Gomer noticed his auntie had a big house and realized it was from “Sales.” He then went on to become a pharmaceutical sales rep. He researched “Sales” more and discovered network marketing and the residual income possibilities. He now coaches others in this exciting profession.

14. Angela Brooks of

Angela was a burnt out mental health nurse who realized there was a better way to live a more fulfilling life with her husband and children. She developed a home business and brought in 92 reps within 13 months. Now, she teaches others how they can do the same, without home parties or bugging family.

15. Tanya Aliza of

Tanya was working 12 hours a day as a Finance Specialist in Vancouver, Canada when she realized she felt empty inside. Dreading the prospects of working 40 more years that way, she was introduced to network marketing by a friend. The rest is history.

16. Adewale Adebusoye of

Adewale was passionate about the IT Sector before he was captivated by reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. He later found network marketing but failed in three companies before realizing it was his personal development that was lacking, not the companies. He is now a leader in network marketing and a powerful MLM blogger.

17. John English of

John is a top MLM blogger that lives in England with his wife and two daughters. John was an Archeologist by trade, but it didn’t cover all the bills. He got into network marketing 18 years ago and has been able to pay off all his debt and win a company car.

18. Vivette Harris of

In 2010, Vivette was let go at her job of fifteen years. She knew she had to find a new profession and found internet marketing. Through self-development and a lot of study, Vivette is now a powerful networker and blogger.

19. David Boozer of

David Boozer and his wife, Christine, live in the Pacific Northwest with their five children. David has been a very successful blogger, internet marketing coach and consultant for over a decade. They offer a free video series on their website.

20. Edmund Rich Toh of

Edmund is from Singapore and got a degree in Multimedia Technology when he was 21. He had always wanted to become an Entrepreneur and struggled in network marketing before finding the perfect formula.

21. Jack Bastide of

Jack Bastide is a true hustler. Coming from the rough streets of Brooklyn, he became a computer programmer, a real estate investor and a network marketer. He is the co-author of Navigating the World of Network Marketing and is a sought-after copywriter

22. Lena Bjorna of

Originally from Norway, Lena was destined to come to America in search of the American dream. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Theater and had some acting gigs when she heard a network marketing opportunity on the radio. Sick of going broke several times with several MLMs, Lena discovered Attraction Marketing and the internet and never looked back.

23. Stefan Beier of

Stefan was a victim of NFL, “No Friends Left” with his MLM opportunities and struggled with sponsors telling him to prospect his warm list over and over. He finally found an online system that worked. Years of frustration finally paid off when Stefan finally became a full-time network marketer.

24. Viviana Andrew of

Viviana is originally from Indonesia and received her Master’s degree in Manufacturing in the U.K. She stopped working to raise her two children and discovered internet marketing. Struggling with “limiting beliefs,” Viviana sought coaching. She is now a leader and co-author of Living Without Limitations – 30 Mentors to rock Your World.

25. Aurore Jones of

Aurore is originally from Paris and now lives in the U.K. with her husband and sons. She was a secondary math teacher in a Prison. A friend in church introduced her to a home business opportunity. She now helps other networkers brand themselves to rocket their MLMs with her leading MLM blog.

26. Tre Wano of

Tre is a new MLM blogger and has some captivating blog posts, including “The History of MLM” and “Why So Many MLM Failures.” Be sure to keep an eye out for Tre. His blog is top-notch.

27. Nando Van Berlo of

Nando is a mystery, but his blog has several captivating posts on MLM and techniques for network marketing. He offers his free personal training, called Build your Network Marketing Business in 10 Easy steps.

28. Todd and Leah Rae Best of

Todd and Leah Rae ran their own IT consulting business. Tired of working 80+ hours consulting, they were introduced to network marketing in 2014. Leah went through a warm-list of 200 friends and relatives only to get a trickle of income and 3 active distributors. They hit the wall that 97% of network marketers hit. They ran out of warm leads. They worked diligently on self-development and things finally took off.

29. Kate McShea of

In 2013, Kate and her husband were fed up with their results in network marketing. They were about to throw in the towel during a network marketing event called The No Excuses Summit. Something clicked, and they realized in order to succeed in network marketing they needed to treat their business like a 7-figure business, not a hobby. They used video marketing to get over 30k Leads and 937 distributors within the next 12 months.

30. Paula Mckinney of

Paula had a successful career in dental hygiene when she discovered network marketing. She became experienced in creating capture pages and websites and took her MLM from offline to online. The rest is history.

31. Adrian Logan of

Adrian is a top MLM blogger from Ontario, Canada. He had the Entrepreneurial bug since he was 6 trading cards and playing marbles. He eventually became a Marketing graduate and joined a couple network marketing companies to pay off his college debt. He struggled until he shifted his mindset, now he helps others in the network marketing profession.

32. Jeff Atkins of

Jeff is a veteran of network marketing, having started 24 years ago. He’s an expert in SEO, Attraction Marketing and Social Media. He is considered a full-time professional network marketer and has top notch content on his blog.

33. Erik Christian Johnson of

Erik Christian Johnson, the founder of this website, has been blogging about MLM across multiple websites for 7 years now. He shares his ups and downs of earning 6-figures with multiple MLM companies and recruiting overr 1,000 reps.

34. Mike Schiemer of

Mike Schiemer, a veteran of 3 network marketing companies a decade ago and consultant for several other MLM distributors, has been blogging and publishing MLM articles for 5 years now. His MLM blog articles have gotten hundreds of thousands of views around the world.

35. Mark Klanac of

Mark used to hate sales, but after becoming a father he decided to dive headfirst into network marketing. The rest is history, and you can learn from his network marketing experiences on his free MLM blog.

Top MLM Blog Success Tips For 2021

Thanks for reading this list of top MLM bloggers. I hope their network marketing stories inspire you and if you were struggling in 2020 or going into 2021. And I hope you got a renewed sense of hope in your multi-level marketing or direct selling success by reading these stories.

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