Why are you you?

Well, my friend, I don’t know exactly what I’m going to write about today so what I’m going to do is just keep writing until something comes to me and we’ll see what emerges.

I’m sitting in my home office plopped down on my writing chair sipping some new Four Sigmatic Mushroom coffee that’s supposed to enhance the brain or something. I don’t think it’s working. And it tastes a little watered down. Bleh.

Here’s a thought. Well, really more of a question…

Why are you you?

Somehow that doesn’t look punctuated properly. How about this…

Why are you the way you are?

If you’re confident, why are you confident? If you’re lazy, why are you lazy?

Disciplined? Fearful? In great physical shape? Why? Why? Why?

Consider this…

You are who you are based on your programming.

Your experiences, what others have said about you (namely your family growing up), and what you consistently say about yourself.

I go deep into my book, 7 Secrets to Success, and even deeper in my 7 week coaching program M-School. It’s a long conversation and super enlightening for many because most of us are walking around unaware of why we are the way we are. And when we’re unaware of why we are the way we are, we are helpless to change.

3 Steps You Can Take Today to Get Unstuck in Life

Have you ever felt stuck?

Yeah, me too. I was stuck for 5 years in network marketing. What got me unstuck was when I finally discovered the 3 steps to making change.

  • Creating the ultimate version of you

It transformed my leadership, my lifestyle and my income allowing me to become a top earner.

Once I got unstuck from a leadership and income perspective, I found other areas of my life where I was stuck.

Public speaking, attracting others, higher level leadership issues, fitness, internal struggles… all areas where I created transformation quickly.

I still get stuck today. But because I have a formula for change, I don’t have to stay stuck for long. I implement the process and create results.

Almost like magic.

Only there is no magic to it. It’s science and it takes some work… but it works.

If you’d like to go deeper into the process and get yourself unstuck in whatever area of life you’re feel stuck in right now, go here: https://www.7strategiesbook.com/

Lots of love,

Matt Morris
Top Network Marketing Leader

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