Thought of the day:
Your Network is your Net Worth.

Appreciate those assets with three, simple steps.

  1. Schedule – like your vision depends on it (because it does!)
  2. Create simple, key performance indicators (KPI’s)
  3. Measure in order to manage with my stat tracker:


Then witness your sales and assets SKYROCKET!

The difference between being a $163 and a $5 million person is defined by your dedication to these three steps. Want to know why? Watch this video blog.

3 Simple Steps to Increase Your Sales and Enrollments Richard Brooke  

To Your Vision,

Richard Bliss Brooke
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If you’re having trouble seeing yourself being successful financially then you may need help getting clarity on your vision and your personal story. I wrote a book called Mach2 With Your Hair On Fire that I think would be a great resource for you.  There’s also an online training course called Mach2 Vision Training and anyone who purchases the Mach2 Vision Training online course will also receive a FREE Mach2 book.

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