Productivity … think about it like a camera that needs to be focused, manually.

It should be aimed at the things that you are best at.
It should be focused on actions with the highest value.
It should always capture your ‘Single Daily Action.’

The rest of the scene in front of you would be better recorded by someone else …  a wide angle, low quality, or maybe a drone shot (for a different point of view).

Your productivity depends on your dedication to capturing the most impactful scenes of this film … your film.

Commit to keep the camera on, always get the money shot.

Watch the video for three, massive productivity ideas.

    3 Ideas to Increase Productivity Richard Brooke  


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    P.S.S. If you’re having trouble with consistency or productivity hen you may need help creating a simple plan that you can follow and actions that you can take on a daily basis that get you results. We offer a course called MLM Mindset that does just that! 


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