I spoke at an online event yesterday and covered the 3 different levels of motivation.

This is important for you personally so you can understand how to motivate yourself, but as a leader, it’s critical you understand these three levels because it helps you motivate and lead others.

Level 1 Motivation: Money & Things

The first level of motivation is the most shallow. And please know when I say shallow, I don’t mean shallow as a negative. There is nothing wrong with wanting more money. There is nothing wrong with wanting nice things.

If you’re the type of person who believes money is the root of all evil, you’ll have a very hard time accumulating wealth because it’s in contrast to your belief system.

If you believe rich people are evil, shady, unethical, etc, you will also have a very hard time becoming wealthy yourself because your subconscious will be working in the background to avoid you becoming any of those things.

I worked very hard for money in the beginning. I wanted exotic cars, big homes, fancy watches, expensive suits, etc.

So I worked towards those things and it’s nice having them. I remember the day I bought a Ferarri. It was exhilarating. What I had dreamed of as a little boy had finally become a reality.

But the thrill of owning it wore off fairly quickly. For me it was a bit of an empty calorie goal. I was constantly worried about door dings when I parked it anywhere and at 6 foot 3 inches tall, I didn’t exactly fit in it very well and it was much less comfortable than any of my previous cars… heck, my old beat up Honda Civic that I lived out of was actually more comfortable to drive.

Again, there is nothing wrong with wanting nice things…

I still want nice things. I have a dream of owning a private yacht, a private jet and a huge ranch here in Texas. Just realize that if you want to fuel yourself to produce at the highest levels, you’ll want to tap into levels 2 and 3…

Level 2 Motivation: Recognition and Respect

Babies cry for it, men die for it. Whether we want to admit it or not, we want to be recognized and respected.

It’s why every major network marketing company puts a huge emphasis on recognition in addition to the compensation. It’s the same in the corporate world. Employee surveys have found that salary is almost never the primary factor that leads to job satisfaction.

Being acknowledged, appreciated, and respected is actually a bigger motivator.

As a leader, it’s critical for you to understand this as a huge motivational factor in leadership.

Level 3 Motivation: Purpose and Calling

It took me a long time to tap into this level. For so many years I worked for money… largely because I thought it would make me feel significant and fill a void I had inside me.

What allowed me to step into my real power as a leader was when I discovered a purpose that fueled my soul to produce and serve at the highest levels.

It’s why I write these daily blog posts. It’s how I’ve sustained the energy to travel the world, speak and create something so much larger than I ever could have only working from levels 1 and 2.

I think about the times when I’ve done multi-country speaking tours and been able to speak with just as much passion and energy with a lack of sleep and jet lag.

Because I’m very clear on exactly why God put me on this earth, I’m able to harness a level of motivation that goes beyond anything I ever felt when I was focused on the first two levels.

I’ll be back tomorrow and I’ll share with you what allowed me to discover that purpose.

Lots of love,

Matt Morris
Network Marketing Speaker and Coach

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