Griddy gutted, $1 billion class-action filed

The future of Griddy Pro is looking dire, following two significant developments over the past two days: Griddy Pro’s parent company Griddy has been banned from the Texas power market; and a $1 billion class action lawsuit has been filed against the company. Griddy Pro offered variable rate electricity through […]

7 Key Tips for Selling a Condo

In 2020, around 923,000 homes were sold, which shows many of us want a lifestyle change, whether it’s upsizing or downsizing. Each property type has a different selling process, so it’s important to know what to expect. Perhaps you’re worried about missing a vital step and potentially jeopardizing your condo’s selling […]

VPL draining the Redwood Receivership

With the future of VPL Medical hanging in the balance, on January 25th CEO Jason Cardiff told the Court that VPL “is currently talking to HHS and other federal and state agencies and believes that it is very close to landing some major contracts….” As revealed in a joint operating […]

QubitTech AI banned in Italy for operating illegally

QubitTech AI has been declared an illegal business in Italy. Consequently CONSOB, Italy’s highest financial regulator, has ordered access to QubitTech AI’s website be blocked. As per a February 26th press-release issued by CONSOB, QubitTech AI ‘offer(s) financial services/financial products illegally’. QubitTech is one of six identified scams the regulator […]