Andreas Kartrud’s 4th smart-contract Ponzi

Eclipcity Global is part of Andreas Kartrud’s Eclipcity smart-contract Ponzi factory. To date, Kartrud has launched three smart-contract Ponzi schemes: Kartrud (right) brands the above smart-contract Ponzis as being part of Eclipcity, with Eclipcity Global marking the fourth launch in seven months. Kartrud runs his Eclipcity Ponzi factory from Skane, […]

TronChain collapses, Andreas Kartrud promises 4th Ponzi

TronChain’s smart-contract balance has hit $0, meaning the Ponzi scheme has effectively collapsed. TronChain is the second collapse within the Eclipcity smart-contract Ponzi factory. In all Ponzi schemes, once withdrawals exceed new investment the invested fund balance goes into decline. Eventually the scammer running the Ponzi pulls the plug, or […]