You said you would  break through and get your life and business in a rhythm.  Then Covid hit at least that is an excuse that we can all make.  The truth is, some of us decided to use covid as a spring board, while most used it as an excuse to over eat and watch the Netflix show about the Lions or whatever. 

As you read this article you may be tempted to click away to some of the resources I share, my hope is that you will read the article to the end, before you check out any of the resources mentioned.

It was predictable, and I talked about it the week we realized this was going to be a major challenge in this podcast session  THE OPPORTUNITY THE CORONA VIRUS OFFERS ALL US

Think about where you where the start of 2010 or 2015, did much really change over the following 5 years? Only you know the answer to that. However we see it every year. People make emotionally decisions, about growing their busienss, being better parents, getting in shape, etc. etc.

The gyms are full in January and by March they are dead.

The exampels are endless, but why? The answer is simple. You, I, everyone on the planet can not main positve movement forward based upon decisions that were made during and emotional state.


So until we change or program and go to work and take consistent action, nothing will change! How many times have you heard may say, “Work harder on Yourself than you do on your Business?”

I love the entrepreneurial   journey I have been on my entire life.  I regret the bad decisions I have made and the heart aches with people that I have experienced, but I have learned from every good and bad experience.    

I am saddened by the people I have met in my life who today have lost the entrepreneurial fire they once had, but I understand how that can happen.

I want to share with you the 4 Most Important things that I have learned this year that I feel have finally gotten from a surface level understanding to my soul. What I call getting info from my head to my heart.

#1  Financial Independence is the worst goal an entrepreneur can set for themselves. 

If I could go back and change one thing, this would be it.  I wish someone had shared this idea in a way I could understand it when I started.  I do my best to share the concept with you in a podcast I just recorded a couple of weeks ago:


#2  EXACTLY WHY THOSE WHO WORK CONSISTENTLY FAIL IN NETOWRK MARKETING The truth is 70% Never Learn how to really WORK their business, those that do….

(1)  The are not exposed to the right culture and mentorship WHEN THEY START their career and don’t understand that if and when they ever find the right culute. They have to make a conscious decision to forget everything they think they know, and get on a proven path to success.  

(2) Most simply had timing working against them.  They never found the right company at the right time in history as I explain in detail in the 4 Stars Webinar here: Honestly most of the people reading this right now are in the wrong company at the wrong time.

However network marketing companies can create a cult like enviroment that prevents some good people from breaking out and deciding to position themselves in a company that gives them a true opportunity for fianancial indepenedence.

Overtime they simply leave the profession or they are involved in network marketing more for the social aspects and the idea of wealth creation is replaced with hopes of winning the lottery.

If I am talking about you right now, you probably know it. You can get upset and click away from this article if you wish, but my hope is that you click to this podcast, it could make a real impact for you. FALSE PRIDE KEEPS NETWORK MARKETERS BROKE.

See the truth is, if you find the right company at the right time in history, and you GO TO WORK,, get your emotions out of it, and get in a CONSISTENT routine, success if virtually guaranteed because you have no competition today.    Most are never given the two steps I shared with you and those that are rarely follow them.  

(3)  The quality of our life is in direct proportion to the quality of questions we ask ourselves, and then answer them truthfully.  TO THY ONW SELF BE TRUE.

I have personally taught this concept since my Shaklee days back in the early eighties. However when you are in a coast mode it is probably normal to avoid asking yourself those type of questions after you’ve “made it”.   

However last year when I realized I have to get out of coast mode and I started asking myself serious business questions for the first time in many years, everything changed almost immediately.    When I seriously asked myself  “How can I increase my networth by 5 million dollars in 5 years” everything changed,  almost instantly.

For years I was in a make six figures in six different business models mode, and having alot of fun learning and implementing multiple business models at the same time. Make no mistake about it I suffer from entreprenurial ADD.

However when I started thinking about 5 million in 5 years it changed my thinking drastically from 6 six figure incomes in the same year. What are you thinking about? What is your entreprenurial, mlm mindset?

Please if you don’t hear anything more I am saying, GET CLEAR ON THIS NOW! I understand that some of you reading this still have financial mindsets that are not around success and achievment, but if you are honest are more centered arounch, lack, mediocrity, paying your bill every month, etc.

If that is you, this book that I wrote a few years ago will help you become self-aware of your own limitting beliefs and breakthrough.

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