Pay to play My Daily Choice CBD spin-off

Arieyl is in a bit of a weird place right now. The company is being actively promoted but as of yet doesn’t have a webpage. “” appears to be registered but is currently being redirected to the company’s official Facebook page. Heading up Arieyl are co-CEOs Kristen and Travis Butler: […]

Master Cloud Miner reboot Ponzi

SureGlobalTradeFX provides no information on their website about who owns or runs the company. The only information provides is that supposedly SureGlobalTradeFX’s ‘founders are from Sweden, India, Ukraine, and China.’ In an attempt to appear legitimate, SureGlobalTradeFX provides a US address on its website. This address actually belongs to an […]

Get Prospects to Contact You First: My Top 10 Tips

Today, I’d like to share 10 strategies to get prospects to contact you first. The best prospect is someone who contacts you first. When prospects approach you first, it is a much more enjoyable conversation than you contacting prospects first. Why? Because the person has expressed an interest in what […]

What happened to Visalus? (explained)

Late last year we reported on Visalus appearing to be sold off to Pruvit. The transaction was strange, absent not even a simple press-release to announce the transaction. Following a tip-off from a reader, BehindMLM has learned a whopping $925 million judgment was likely behind Visalus’ downfall. Mid 2019 a […]

How To Handle Negative Team Members

3 SHARES FacebookTwitterLinkedinPinterest How To Handle Negative Team Members Negative team members show up in every single organization, but it’s important to know how to deal with them so they don’t stunt your growth. Here’s my thoughts on handling negative team members. Are you looking for coaching to accelerate the […]