Is Outsourcing HR Worth It?

Outsourcing HR (human resources) can seem like a luxury for many small businesses, one which they don’t see the point in paying for. For some, however, it is absolutely essential. When you are first starting your business, it is tempting to take a contract of employment and employee handbook off […]

Univera to cease MLM business from December 2020

Univera has gone public with their decision to drop their MLM opportunity. In an announcement published on Univera’s website, the company advises; Univera ownership has made the difficult decision to transition the company from a network marketing organization to sales strictly through e-commerce channels. Typically when an MLM company abandons […]

isXperia is just as confusing in 2020

A few weeks back a reader wrote in requesting a review of XIPWorks. I hadn’t heard of XIPWorks before but was familiar with “XIP” branding being part of isXperia. XIPWorks is presented as a stand-alone company, incorporated in Florida. There’s no mention of isXperia anywhere on XIPWorks’ website. Aside from […]