250% ROI AI bot trading Ponzi

CJS Trader provides no information about who owns or runs the company on their website. CJS Trader’s website domain (“cjstrader.net”) was privately registered on May 16th, 2020. Further research reveals Brazilian media citing Ancleuton Holanda Dias (right) as founder of CJS Trader. One possible reason this information isn’t provided on […]

Flexkom scammers convicted in Belgium

A criminal court in Antwerp has convicted Asker Sakinmaz, Cengiz Ehliz and Erwin Fally. The pair were behind the Flexkom pyramid scheme, which collapsed in 2017. According to local news reports, Belgian authorities began investigating Flexkom back in 2014. The criminal case was initiated following a civil complaint filed by […]

Ilgamos collapses due to scammer infighting

Ilgamos CEO Geza Kapitany has informed investors that their ilcoin wallets have been frozen. The stated reason for the freeze is an attempted hostile takeover by the ilcoin developers. Ilgamos launched back in 2015 with OPR Ponzi points and ilcoin. OPR was soon dispensed with to focus on ilcoin. Five […]