How I Fooled (almost) Everyone

El Mateo here coming to you from 30,000 feet in the air.

Me, Devon, and the three kids all in first class headed to Cancun. I swore no matter how much money I made I wasn’t going to put my kids in first class because I don’t want them to be spoiled little brats. But with the COVID discounts going on, it was barely more than coach so I figured what the hell.

Anyway, today I’m gonna spill the beans and let you know how I fooled almost everyone into believing I was a great leader when I was only 24 years old.

I had failed in MLM for five long years. I felt like I was never going to make it and was starting to feel like maybe I just wasn’t cut out for this network marketing “thing”.

But having just dropped out of college for the second time (before failing out) and working as a waiter, I really didn’t feel like I had any other solid options career wise.

Being too stubborn to quit, I pressed on and eventually started getting some growth on my team. Hungry for success, I slammed on the gas and went on a recruiting spree sponsoring 30 people in a month.

The team exploded with growth and blew up to hundreds in the next few months.

I suddenly found myself as a top earner and being recognized by the entire company as this powerful leader.

I remember thinking how I had fooled everyone…

Discover the Secrets to Recruiting and Become a Powerful Leader

In my mind, I was just a 24 year old kid who finally figured out the secrets to recruiting and out-worked everyone else.

SO MANY people on my team were SO MUCH BETTER than me…

SO MANY people on my team who had so much more credibility.

So many had more previous network marketing success.

But because I discovered the formula for recruiting, I was thrust into this position of leadership becoming the #1 earner in the company.

Today’s message has 2 main lessons:

1.  If you have no credibility, no previous success and pretty much suck at everything else like I did, master recruiting.

2. When you accomplish #1, out-work everyone else to find a bunch of people in your team who are way better than you and you’ll produce a river of income.

Then, you’ll have everyone fooled into thinking you’re an amazingly powerful leader.

Of course, in reality, you won’t have everyone fooled because the truth is, you’ll actually be a powerful leader.

If you’d like me to give you the formula for how I pulled myself from 5 years of struggle to becoming a top recruiter which thrust me into the role of powerful leader, go here:

Let’s do BIG things!

Matt Morris
Top Network Marketing Leader

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