Last night here in Fredericksburg was gorgeous as the sun started to set.

Devon and I were walking around the vineyards here at the resort trying to find the perfect view of the sunset.

Unfortunately because of all the tall trees, we couldn’t get a good view. So we walked into our two-story cabin and went up to the balcony.

No luck – wrong side of the house.

“I have an idea”, I said. “Let’s climb up on the roof.”

So we grabbed a couple pillows, and from the balcony climbed on top of the roof to enjoy a breathtakingly beautiful sunset.

It was magical.

As we sat soaking in the beauty of God’s creation, I wondered…

How many other people that have stayed in this cabin have missed the incredible sunset because they weren’t willing to simply climb up on the roof?

If I had to guess, very few (if any) have enjoyed the sunset the way Devon and I were able to.

Not because they couldn’t.

Only because they weren’t willing to simply do something different.

Then I started thinking about Network Marketers…

Most are never able to ever see the view from the top.

Not because they can’t.

Only because they aren’t willing to do something different.

Most network marketers fail because they play it safe.

Safe with:

  • Protecting their reputation (constantly worried what people might think) instead of building their character and leaving a legacy of success.
  • Protecting their comfort zone (worried about getting rejected) instead of having courage over fear.
  • Protecting their money (living in scarcity) instead of investing in the education that will turn them into a professional.

It’s all a matter of scarcity or abundance.

Sadly, most will never understand that you cannot live in abundance with a scarcity mindset.

I suppose the view from the top isn’t meant for everyone.

But if you’re reading this right now, I hope you’ve decided it’s meant for you!

Lots of love,

Matt Morris
Top Network Marketing Leader and Trainer

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