The Gateway Skill in Network Marketing

What You’ll Discover In This Episode: The Gateway Skill in Network Marketing Why This ONE SKILL Matters Most My Little Black Book That Shortcuts This Skill Set For You The Gateway Skill in Network Marketing There’s one skill in network marketing that I believe to be the gateway skill for […]

Fashion clothing with strong retail focus

Silver Icing operates in the fashion MLM niche. The company was founded in September 2011 as a ‘manufacturing and wholesale business, selling to boutiques across Canada.’ In 2013 the company hit a few bumps in the road and the decision was made to switch to a Direct Sales type business model, […]

How Wiseling set up its Finnish shell company

One thing I’m adamant about is the meaninglessness of basic incorporation. Typically this manifests as a shell company attached to a fraudulent investment scheme. Details of how Wiseling set up its shell company in Finland have emerged. That along is interesting enough, but it’s also a great example of why […]

Beurax scammers’ denial coping is hilarious

In the wake of Beurax’s collapse and widespread investor losses, two prominent ringleaders have tried to make sense of it. The result is a hilarious stream of excuses and contradictory denials. Silvio Fortunato (below) runs MSI Masters, a collective he pushes scams onto. A quick Google search reveals Fortunato’s involvement […]